S4 Product Case Ethical Hacking Essentials

S4 Product Case Ethical Hacking Essentials

S4 Product Case Ethical Hacking Essentials


Product Case Description

This product case is about: Ethical Hacking Essentials

A product case is a collection of challenging assignments that are linked to the previous experience of a senior product manager. During this product case we will discuss the following components:

  • Phase 1: Reconnaissance.
  • Phase 2: Scanning.
  • Phase 3: Gaining Access.
  • Phase 4: Maintaining Access.
  • Phase 5: Clearing Tracks.

The product case consists of the following fixed components:

  • Background information on the theme
  • Online exam
  • Product case with extensive assignments to solve the case
  • First coaching session 45 min
  • Assignments for the work environment
  • Second coaching session 45 min
  • Final report and ready for the BOVPM product exam
  • After completing the product case you can participate in the official exam of BOVPM

During the exam of BOVPM, the assignments of your product case at POPM Global are assessed by an independent assessor from BOVPM

  • If you pass the exam successfully, you will receive a BOPVM Branch certificate and a detailed explanation of the 3 different parts
  • You can use the certificate and explanation when applying for a job or grow within your current work environment
  • With the certificate, you show what you are worth
Why is the training for free?

POPM can offer the training courses free of charge because we have received a subsidy through the NL Leert Door program. This allows us to offer 2000 participants a free product case (training)

What is NL Leert Door?

NL Leert Door is a subsidy from the government that allows trainers to learn be able to offer courses and training. Salaried employees, flex workers, but self-employed persons and self-employed persons can also use the subsidy scheme NL learns by

What is Leersubsidie?

POPM works together with Leersubsidie.nl to ensure that registrations for NL Leert Door proceed safely. POPM is obliged to collect data so that the ministry can check whether POPM complies with the rules. The collection of data and the safe storage of this data is done via Leersubsidie.nl, so that it is 100% safe.


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