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Thanks to the subsidy from NL Leert Door, you can temporarily participate in the product case training courses worth € 1250.00 at POPM for free. This project runs until July 31, 2021 or until the maximum number of participants has been reached. Register quickly!

Reviews about our Product Case training courses

This is what your fellow product managers thought of our product case training:

Nice practical assignments that you can apply directly to your own work.

At POPM you can choose from small, specific product cases. In this way I could extend my knowledge in a very targeted way, where I wanted to grow at that moment. Ideal!
Mina Hollace
/ Freelance Productmanager

Tough exam, you have to do something for it!

I underestimated the training (and especially the exam). I thought, I'll do that in a moment, but that was disappointing. The 1st time I failed, but luckily I passed the 2nd time.
Marc O’Neill
/ Head of Product

Super fun and educational to do with the whole team

We have made a product case with a number of team members. Thanks to the product case, we now all know how to put this into practice ourselves. And it is nice that there is testing in between and that there is guidance by an experienced coach!
Madley Pondor
/Product Owner

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